Via Lactea

Drawing preoccupies me almost completely and is a form of inquiry rather than an outlet for expression, though the one does not preclude the other. The drawings themselves are executed with precision and spontaneity in equal measure. They are first and foremost visual (as opposed to ‘conceptual’), they are highly disciplined (though that’s not what is important about them), and they are essentially objective, even though the ‘objects’ I draw do not exist until I have drawn them. The images do not derive from, nor do they relate to, ‘feelings about’ or ‘impressions of’ anything but they are, nonetheless, pictures. In short, my drawings are not ‘abstract’ in any conventional sense; rather, they are an attempt to ‘picture’ aspects of reality we cannot actually see – to make the abstract visible.

Cyberspace is not a geographical location like Coventry, it is not a physical object like an apple and nor does it contain furniture as a room might. Cyberspace is beyond the descriptive powers of geometrical perspective yet it is a real part of our everyday lives. If we are to adapt to the new worlds we discover and create we need to develop new ways of seeing, which is to say, new ways of picturing. The gouache titled Block is a puzzling kind of block; it does not occupy the kind of space that three-dimensional objects inhabit, nor is it a diagram or plan from which such an object could be constructed. Its shape seems clearly defined and bounded but in fact there is no outline. The structure is both baffling and yet at the same time perfectly logical.

If it is impossible to imagine an object that cannot be depicted, then such a thing is unimaginable. Pictures are crucial to what is imaginable and ‘picturing’ - drawing - probes this possibility.